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Meet Our Staff

Harv Lyon, Pastor

     My deepest desire as the Pastor of CrossPointe Family Church is to inspire people to "Practice the presence of God." One way to practice God’s presence is through our heartfelt worship. Worship opens the door to the presence of God and then releases the power of His Holy Spirit to work in our lives. Worship gives pleasure to God… Plain and simple, worship makes God smile.

     Everything we do here at CrossPointe, every song that is sung, every message that is preached, is based on the Word of God and has meaning and purpose. Our praise is often bold, upbeat, and expressive, yet sensitive and reverent. We desire to experience true worship in the presence of the Holy Spirit that is genuine and freeing, and entirely pleasing to God.

     We invite you to join us as we expectantly look to the future and watch God unfold His perfect plan for us. At CrossPointe, you will find a church so compassionate that people are drawn from impossible situations into a loving and friendly circle of hope where answers are found and acceptance is given.

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Craig Vance,
Executive Director
Janice Frandsen,
Admin Coordinator
Brenda Stephenson, Preschool Director
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Dan Chauncy, Director
Youth Ministry 

     As a teen, my life was drastically impacted by my youth leader. It was from that time that I felt the clear call to work with students and to offer them the life-changing hope, joy, excitement, and forever life that Christ alone can offer.  

     I studied Youth Ministry at Eastern University and have not stopped working with youth in one way or another during my adult life. Some of my experiences with students have been through young life, churches, and a faith-based community center in eastern Kentucky.  What a gift and adventure it has been!  


Refuge Student Ministries primarily exists to:  

1.  Offer a safe place for students to BELONG--regardless of where they find themselves on their faith journey.  

2.  Present them with the life changing truths of Christ to BELIEVE in.  

3.  Give students plenty of opportunities to BECOME more like Christ through accountability, studies, fun activities, conferences/retreats, and service.

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Edythe Lyon, Director Children's Ministry

     A former professional singer with many years of musical and theatrical arts experience, Mrs. Edythe, the wife of our Pastor Harv Lyon, is thrilled to be leading our KidzStreet Ministry and Kids Konnect Ministry, where every child gets to participate and discover their talents. In addition to being CrossPointe’s Children’s Director, she has also worked for the last several years as a part-time preschool music teacher. Mrs. Edythe studied piano for 8 years and is available for lessons.

     Whether your child likes to sing, dance, act, cook, do arts and crafts or all of these; we warmly invite you to consider CrossPointe's Arts Academy for Kidz as a safe and fun alternative to ordinary kids programs. We believe that each and every child has unique, God given talents and abilities and we’ve made it our mission to help them discover and display those talents.


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